Joseph Uliano brings an added dimension as an Executive Producer / Creative Director from his individual experience in creative direction, film making, fine art, advertising, music content . He is the founder and Executive Producer of Black Label Content in Los Angeles.

Black Label Content is an award winning creative content studio focused on intelligent, strategic storytelling.

BLC Recently completed projects their 9th Oscars campaign, American Idol, The Masked Singer, Norman Lear’s Live “All In The Family”, Justin Timberlake Live. ¬†BLC has partnered with ABC Entertainment, FOX, NBC Sports, Turner Broadcasting, AMEX, FOOD Network, Universal Music Group, The American Music Awards, The EMMYS, The live integrated campaign for the MTV Awards, as well as multiple global brand launches.


Uliano has executive produced prime time television events such as AMERICAN IDOL, “The Journey Begins”, NBC’s prime-time special event: “Fireflies: Faith Hill Live”, Justin Timberlake’s “Man of the Woods” Live from Paisley Park, as well as the 13 episode award winning series ” Dinner with Don Rickles”. He has also produced, The ABC Fall Preview, “Shondaland”, TGIT , as well as Ron White’s,”Behavioral Problems” for Comedy Central. Other musical events, Executive produced Lana Del Ray, Live in Hollywood, Metallica ” Live in Mexico City”, Muse in Madrid, “Live Event” television for Darius Rucker, Avril Lavigne’s “Best Damn Tour” Tenacious D’s “The Pick Of Destiny”. As a documentary producer, Uliano also received a Telly Award for Best Cultural Program and the AEGIS Best Documentary Award.

Music Content

From live concert events and documentaries to music video, Uliano has produced some of the most watched music television in the world. He has worked with a wide array of talent such as Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Taylor Swift, FOO Fighters, Katy Perry, John Mayer, Justin Timberlake, BECK, One Republic, Metallica, Maroon 5, U2, Lana Del Rey, Tim Mcgraw, David Guetta, Gwen Stefani, Lil Wayne, Nicky Minaj, and many many more.

Joseph has received Grammy awards for Best Long-Form video for Best Short Form video along with dozens of MTV awards. As an Executive Producer Uliano has worked with a legendary roster of creatives and directors that include: Paul Fieg, ( Bridesmaids, The Heat) renowned filmmaker Antoine Fuqua, noted Director Mark Pellington, Award winner Sophie Muller, Legendary director Wayne Isham, Kevin Kerslake, Shane Ryan Valdez, ( Out OF Focus), Todd Strauss-Schulson ( Isn’t it Romantic, Final Girls) and Grammy and Emmy winner Thom Zimny to name a few.


Uliano joined fine artist Francesco Vezzoli in the Italian Pavillion for the Venice Biennale to produce an installation called DEMOCRAZY. The project features Sharon Stone and French philosopher Bernard-Henry Levy as U.S. Presidential candidates. He also produced a controversial art installation with Francesco Vezzoli that received worldwide acclaim during the previous Venice Biennale. It was then invited for an extended run at the Whitney Biannual in NYC. The piece is a remake of the 1970’s film “CALIGULA”. Their update features Helen Mirren, Mila Jovovich, Benicio Del Toro, Gerard Butler, Courtney Love and many more. It was costumed by Donatella Versace.

Uliano, along with artist fine Bill Barminski, also created a video/art project for Baz Lurhman’s “Something For Everybody”, which gained much notoriety and sold over 500,000 copies.

He is also a member of the music-art collective SHYTEGEIST.

Uliano also was invited and sat on the development “Brain Trust” for Paul Allen’s “Experience Music Project” and was instrumental in helping to create and launch programs for the museum.

He received his MFA from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.

Having been the energy and conservation lobbyist for Senator Bob Graham ( then the Governor of Florida), Uliano created several award winning energy and conservation programs as well as the Governor’s Energy Partners, a group of Fortune 500 corporations, which funded energy education and grants.


Uliano was also a co-owner ( 2001-2010) of the Hollywood hot-spot and eatery IL SOLE on Sunset Strip, Picked as the “Oscars Hot Spot” by Good Morning America.