• This half hour special hosted by Ken Jeong and Charissa Thompson was a 2 day shoot on the backlot at FOX STUDIOS, during the first days of shooting in pandemic.  The first shoot back on the lot and for FOX.   Backlot exterior shooting, aerial footage, 2 day shoot.  Black Label Content, created a COVID protocol, tested all crew multiple times, tested talent and managed the covid compliance for the lot. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SAFE SETS

  • Client:
    FOX TV
  • Title:
    Fox Fall Preview Special
  • Credits

    • Creative Content StudioBlack Label Content
    • DirectorShane Ryan Valdez
    • Executive ProducerJoseph Uliano
    • Producers @ FOXBrian Gawronski, Brian Kahn, Michelle Theisen
    • Producer for BLCNorm Reiss
    • Director of PhotographyMaz Mahkani
    • Production DesignPatrick Lumb
    • EditorUlmer Bicknell
    • Aerial PhotographyDrone Dudes