• The Huffington Post and E- Entertainment says, “Kerry Washington has never been hotter than in this slick and stylish ad for the hit political drama, which gives off a very James Bond feel as scenes of her character Olivia Pope’s steamy affair with Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) play all over her body. As the commercial says, “when you’re having an affair with the president, every inch of you is a scandal.” This ad was created to play within the Oscars telecast and offers a full length version as a ‘push to the web’ for ABC.

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  • Client:
    ABC Entertainment
  • Title:
    SCANDAL – 007
  • Credits

    • DirectorNate Robinson/Andrew Sinagra
    • ProducerNorm Reiss
    • DPMaz Makhani
    • ProductionBlack Label Content
  • Stills